Exhibition timeline and entry details

Exhibition timeline and entry details

Sunday 10th March from 11am to 12pm, the committee will meet with interested artists at the Valette site, at an Open Day, and be on hand to discuss the parameters of display and mounting of work. Jan Dockerill – Senior Environment Services Officer, from the Environment Department will also be on hand to answer queries based on permissions.

Paper submissions of entry invited from artists, in the form of a completed risk assessment (if appropriate) along with details of the artwork to be produced, by 12th April.

Delivery of artwork to be transposed onto film for display – Date to be confirmed with printers.

Delivery of physical artwork – last two weeks of July, to be discussed and agreed with individual artists.

Exhibition to run for the month of August, to be unmounted (by artists and committee as necessary) and site made good, by 15th September. 

 Artworks will be checked daily while in situ, as agreed by the committee with Jan, for any risk to the public/the artworks/traffic/litter/deterioration/environmental issues etc.

Send your entry to Athene Sholl,  GAN secretary – athenesholl@gmail.com by 12th April.