Summer Exhibition August 2019

Guernsey Art Network is delighted to announce the call out for entries for


Our Summer 2019 Exhibition will be held at La Valette for the month of August. We are anticipating some large scale works for this outdoor event, which will be opened at an evening reception on site.

Entries are invited from any interested party on the subject of “Art in the Environment”, and will be selected on their artistic interpretation of the theme, along with their public interest and suitability to the site.

Environmental issues have had their profile raised recently through programmes such as “Blue Planet 2”. This exhibition will give a platform for local artists to explore and comment on these global issues through art. It also provides the opportunity for the artist to celebrate our wonderful planet.


As we are expecting some large scale site specific exhibits, 3D work will hopefully be the back bone of the exhibition and will be accepted on the basis that the artist can produce, with support from the committee, a risk assessment of the suitability of the artwork and the ramifications of it’s permanence in the elements. We will assist with planning the display and the physical securing of any large scale works, and do everything in our power to support the artists’ visions. Artists may use any of the street furniture in their work, for example, the railings and benches may be incorporated and utilised in designs.

We propose to use exhibition boards, anchored to the ground to display 2D work, which would be transposed on to the boards by a local printers, to avoid artwork being subjected to the elements.

Entry fee – We will be collecting an entry fee from each successful applicant of £10, this will cover up to three pieces of artwork.