Chris Bale


Chris Bale is a self taught wildlife photographer. He set out in 2008 as a man trying to rekindle a childhood passion for bird watching and gradually became a perfectionist; obsessed with capturing stunning images of birds, both common and scarce, found on and around his island home of Guernsey. His insistence on seeing his images come alive as photographic prints is as important to him as the effort and field craft he uses to obtain them in the first place.

Chris has successfully sold his photos for a few years now at markets and other retail outlets and he has been well supported by local businesses and shops. He has at least one annual exhibition which are proving evermore popular and he is exhibiting his work in Jersey, for the first time, at the end of July 2016. Chris and his wife have recently taken the bold step to open their own shop; The Bird Box. The Bird Box sells mainly Chris's images in different sizes and formats. And with his very popular calendars there really is something for everyone.

This subtle transformation helps Chris's body of work look fresh, eye catching and distinguishable. Chris's love of storytelling and genuine passion for his subjects and his hobby make him an engaging character who loves giving group talks from classrooms to WI meetings! With each tale and detail he shares he adds a new dimension to his images. The location, the technique, the elements endured and even the mishaps add layers to what is, on face value, simply a photograph. Chris insists that the fun, humour and sometimes plain stupidity of what he does is what often goes missing in a photographic niche that can take itself way too seriously.